from hallIn honor of Evelyn Rensing Kochansky’s passion for books, and as an extension of her personal library, the Rensing Center has committed to an ongoing community resource in the form of a multimedia library.  The maintenance, additional acquisition and development of this resource is an ongoing project.  Residents, guests and friends of the Rensing Center are invited to participate in the evolution of this facility.  The central focus of this resource will correspond to the mission of the Rensing Center, emphasizing creative, environmental and entrepreneurial books and other media.  The organization’s subtext, the international, interdisciplinary and inter-generational themes, will also guide our acquisitions and events. The collections of Art History, American Craft, Philosophy and Gardening are particularly strong.

A library must be a dynamic institution… Contributions to this project in the form of personal favorites, volunteer cataloguing time, suggestions about major gaps to be filled, and of course, money, will be gratefully received.  Membership will be available to all friends and accepted residents of the Rensing Center.  As we evolve, we will honor the limits in our space and the interests of our audience.  We hope for growing evidence from all our illustrious  residents, campers and friends, whose contributions to the shelves are already impressive.  Plays, poems, articles and books from each of these alumnae will be part of our prime space.

Checkout policy
All books located in these libraries are the property of the Rensing Center, and are meant to be circulated and consulted among the Rensing buildings, or checked out according to our procedure. There is a Library Book (leather bound recording manual) on the coffee table in which to note what title you have checked out, your name, date, and whereabouts of your firstborn child. Books or other media marked with a red dot must not leave the grounds under any circumstances!

1165 Rensing Center Main Hall

Biography, Memoir, and Classics are on the left side of the bookcase wall, as well as Poetry and Drama.  This case also houses books by or about our former residents, and current friends. On the center shelves are non-fiction, subdivided into Rensing’s areas of focus, Creative, Environmental and Economic. Gardening, Architecture, Reference, Ecology, Natural History.  Italy and Japan have their own shelves.  There are also small sections on History, Politics, Local and Regional Maps as well as Atlases, Field Guides to local plant and animal life as well as local tourist attractions.  Craft resources, how-to manuals, General Craft and Decorative Arts, Monographs, Interdisciplinary Technical Manuals (Fashion, Sewing, Woodworking, Foundry techniques, Ceramics and Pottery techniques, Calligraphy, Typography, Book Arts). There is a section on mental, spiritual and physical health in the bookcase by the organ.  This case also contains a large number of Cookbooks, which can be borrowed for in-house use in the various apartments.  Please share the results!  Fiction is in the Rensing apartment.

Amalia Culp’s personal collection is also primarily housed here. It contains the categories of Foreign Literature, Language Study, Philosophy, Poetry, Literary Reference, Art History, Music Collections, Music Books.

EKO Professional History:  Over 30 years of records (public and private art commission proposals, contracts, design history and exhibit and teaching archives) from Ellen Kochansky’s professional history provide a condensed how-to guide on Making a Living in the Arts. These are found in the Rensing Center Apartment, and may be consulted in place. Ellen is available for commentary if you offer her brownies or scotch.

Media Library:  The media collection in the Rensing Center at 1165 should be considered part of a circulating library, subject to our overall borrowing/ checkout policy. The Rensing Center hosts occasional movie events in the main hall, and will schedule these both formally and informally. There is a VCR and DVD player, and a digital projector available.  Please avail yourself of these on the grounds by appointment, depending on previously scheduled events.

officeRensing Computer: The library is equipped with a PC to be shared by any and all residents (wifi network: rensinglibrary, no password) whenever the library is not designated for private studio use by the Rensing Apartment resident or other residents.

EKO house

Contains cookbooks, food preservation and wine making. Also some volumes that Ellen would cry about if lost. Consult on their availability. She may release them if your donation is sufficient…say a major building or addition.

Evelyn’s computer room (ground floor)

Contains the vintage collection of Children’s books


Contains most of the paperbacks, generally alphabetical by author. There is a mix of subjects, fiction and nonfiction, heavy on the sixties.