The Main Hall

Past: This Main Hall was Ellen’s EKO quilt workshop (over 2000 quilts were made here). In 2008, Ellen and Benji constructed a huge sculpture for the SCANA headquarters (South Carolina Gas & Electric Company) here, which involved working with electrical lineman; The Rensing Center also used this open area to hold a public symposium on environmental issues.

Future: As the core space of this exciting building, this Main Hall will serve as the hub of creative activity for residents and guests.

The Library Apartment

Past: Remember this space 9 years ago?  A concrete floor and some unpainted walls. Benji, and many other helpers turned this into a fully functioning apartment, with bedroom, bathroom, and working kitchen.  This renovation was completed thanks to Rensing Center supporters and elbow grease! Opened for business in Summer 2010.

Future: Lay your head down here amidst massive bursts of creativity during your Rensing Center Residency!

The Woodshop/Studio

Past: This space was Ellen’s father’s dream retirement wood shop years ago.  (Note the old signs he and Evelyn found from AJ Robinson’s business).  The space then fell into disuse (“too many old refrigerators were sent on vacation here”) until 2005, when Shelby created the first Art Camp “Happening” to breathe new life into it.  (Ask Shelby and Tony about that amazing event, which included a frog concert.) Later, Benji utilized this space to honor its past and set up a wood shop here as well.

Future: More happenings!  More events!  More art!  More frog concerts!

The Forge