The Guest House Eco Cabin

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The mid-century inspired Guest House is a private and perfectly inspiring retreat for 1 or 2 people… Hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows create a light and airy feeling, tastefully decorated with an artist’s touch. Complete with an office corner, full working kitchenette, full bathroom with shower and bath, queen-sized bed and screened-in outdoor patio that functions as both dining room and living room, this cozy space has everything you could want or need.

History: This is the first structure the Kochansky family built on the property, in 1979.  Home to dozens of friends and family members over the years, who have used this space as a refuge, a studio, and a serious library.  Past residents have included writers, photographers, musicians, environmentalists, sculptors, painters, and more—from all over the country and the world!

The Forge Apartment

The apartment, known as “The Forge,” honoring its original use as a blacksmith shop, measures 350 square feet and includes a private, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. It is contained within the Main Hall at the Rensing Center. Also in the Main Hall are the communal library, atrium, and laundry room, with a washer and dryer. The Forge connects directly to our 4000-volume library, however, you can lock the door for privacy and security. The Forge includes a large covered porch as well as a private brick patio with a grill.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall is the hub of the Rensing Center. It houses the Forge Apartment and the Library Event Space. It also includes a communal 4000 volume library, atrium, and laundry room, with a washer and dryer. Folks using the library are asked to remain mindful of the guests that may be staying in the adjoining rental. Events that may occur here are sporadic and do not run late.

History: This Main Hall was Ellen’s EKO quilt workshop (over 2000 quilts were made here). In 2008, Ellen and Benji constructed a huge sculpture for the SCANA headquarters (South Carolina Gas & Electric Company) here, which involved working with electrical lineman. The Rensing Center also used this open area to hold a public symposium on environmental issues.

The Library Event Space

The Library Event Space includes a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. It is available at a nominal fee. The space can comfortably fit 70 people. For a sit-down meal, the library can host 30 guests. The Rensing Center can provide tables and chairs if need be. The porch/atrium serves as an excellent space for a food buffet and the kitchen and bathroom are available to use as well.