Kathryn Smith Gives a Reading at Rensing

Sunday, February 12th
3:00 PM

Our friend and local author Kathryn Smith will be coming to the center to present her hit 2016 book The Gatekeeper, a biography of Missy Lehand that has garnered praise from the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post alike.

Who is Missy Lehand, you ask? Well, if you really want to know you’ll have to come and hear for yourself, but in the meantime here are some fun Lehand facts:

  • She not only served as President FDR’s secretary, he often credited her with serving as “his conscience” as well
  • She worked with FDR for over twenty years, accompanying him from his failed Vice-Presidential run to his successful Presidential runs
  • She is widely considered to have been the first woman to serve as chief of staff

To find out more, please come to the Rensing Center on Sunday, February 12th, at 3PM–all are welcome! In addition to reading, Kathryn Smith will be signing and selling books ($28 cash or check). The Rensing Center will be providing refreshments.

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